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We have a amazing guest who is a psychic medium, paranormal investigator and author as well as the owner of graestone manor. We talk everything paranormal and its exclusively on Paranormal king Radio Dont miss it!!!


Heather Rease Mattison is a psychic medium, author, clairaudient, channeler, empath, medical intuitive, Reiki practitioner, paranormal investigator and teacher. She and her husband Robert own a historic 1865 mansion called Graestone Manor. They have recently converted it into a Bed and Breakfast. She has her office there and this is where she conducts psychic readings, classes and Victorian seances. They have experienced everything from black shadow figures, disembodied voices, footsteps,to being scratched and touched. They have also opened Graestone up for paranormal investigations. Her first two books centered on spiritual and psychic topics while the third is all about the ghostly history and family legends of the previous families as well as their own experiences in the home. With seven confirmed deaths in the house and ties to the Underground Railroad, rum running, the Erie Canal, horse racing and ancient Indian burial grounds, the entire property feels as if it’s a psychic center and the perfect atmosphere for Heather to do her spiritual work and healing. For more information you can go to:

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