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Graestone has had many paranormal events that have

taken place. Check out each room to find out what is

known to happen in each location of the estate.


Graestone has had many paranormal events that have

taken place. Check out each room to find out what is

known to happen in each location of the estate.



The Main Parlor of Graestone Manor is one of the several rooms of the house guests will be able to enjoy and investigate during their overnight stays with us. Reports of activity in this room go back to several previous owners. Mina, who is one of our resident ghosts, and is a previous owner of the house, is still here and this was one of her favorite rooms. She has been captured on security cameras as a gray streak of light, or balls of light that crosses through the room. She has been heard talking and is captured on EVPs answering questions on several occasions. An extreme feeling of being watched and touched is a common occurrence as well. The feeling of having your energy drained, sleepiness and extreme cold have been felt. While the temperature in the room stays warm and others around them feel comfortable, one person in the room will feel chilled to the bone. The smell of cigar smoke and whiskey is reported in this area, which was once the men’s parlor off of the study. They also like to mimic your voice and will call to the other people with you I n the room as a clear audible, in your own voice. The doors to the smoking porch door entrance to the house has been caught on surveillance video opening up by itself as well as other doors leading into this room. 



The basement of Graestone has had a long history of hauntings going back to at least two of the previous owners. One of the previous owners had their chest freezer along the far wall and when they would enter the basement they would hear footsteps walking towards them, as they’d approach the freezer. Another owner said she would hear canning jars fall off of the shelves as if pushed by unseen hands and crash to the floor and break. Their pets and children would refuse to go down there and a portal is reported to exist behind the stairs. Risers were added to the stairs because the feeling of having your ankles grabbed and tripping was so strong.  A male presence who guards the dark back corner of the cellar has been seen as a dark shadow mass. We and others have seen the mass move from the western corner of the basement and slowly move across towards the stairs on several occasions. He is heard whistling, talking and calling people’s names from the far corner. He knocks on the ceiling to get our attention and knocks things over. He loves women and many have reported being touched, having their hair stroked and feeling a sudden icy chill on certain areas of their bodies. Security cameras have caught the voices of a man and a woman talking and arguing loudly when no one is home in the house. He also calls out for help when asking questions during EVP sessions. Soccer ball sized balls of light that seem to glow on their own energy have been seen crossing across the floor with the naked eye as groups of multiple people are present in the main room.  Reports of the house being an Underground Railroad stop and speakeasy could be a contributing factor to the alarming activity In this space as well. 


red room1.jpg

The Red Room was once the former upstairs parlor of the house when the original family, the Root family, lived here. Sightings of an older woman are frequently reported in this room. We believe she is the ghost of Flora L. Root, the youngest daughter of the original owner, Curtis Root. She ended up inheriting the home after both of her parents died and she never married and lived in the house for another 24 years after their deaths. She walks around the bed while you sleep and watches you sleep. People have reported seeing the silhouette of a woman in the windows and also standing at the side of the bed. They have also felt her sit on the edge of the bed. Reports of feeling sadness and a choking feeling, then scratches and red marks appear on your neck. They also hear a woman’s voice and this entity also mimics other people’s voices in that room that you can hear audibly. 


gold room3.jpg

The Gold Room is former owners Mina and Dorsan Roszmans master bedroom. They lived in the house from 1923- 1999. They were the second family to live in the home. Dorsan died at a young age in this room. He suffered from mesothelioma and succumbed to his illness in the Gold Room. He had been sickly and bedridden for years. There is also the sound of breathing and wheezing captured on paranormal equipment and heard audibly. The closet door opens on its own and is heard clicking open and being pushed across the carpet. People also report a woman’s spirit  and her image has been captured on film peeking out of the closet and in the mirrors. Loud bangs and knocking noises are also heard coming from the walls.



The Green Room is the Curtis Root Room. In this room in March of 1889, Curtis Root died after sustaining an injury involving one of his prized racehorses, Playboy. The horse crushed him when a passing train startled it and it reared up and landed on Mr. Root. At first Curtis thought his injuries weren’t that serious but he had internal bleeding and after a few weeks of bed rest trying to recuperate, he succumbed to his injuries. He is seen in the windows of this room and is also heard walking around. He reportedly watches people as they sleep and they feel the presence of a strong male energy in the room. He also follows people through the house once they’ve slept in his former master bedroom, the Green Room. He is heard whistling a tune and talking and makes the temperature drop unexpectedly causing cold spots. He was also known as a ladies man back in his day and loves when women stay in his room. Some people also report being touched, and the smell of cigar smoke. 



The Kids Room is located in the servant’s wing of the house. In a house like this in the Victorian age, they had the house separated from their help. They had several different Irish indentured servants during the 1860’s until the 1900’s that stayed in this room. You can see that it once had a substantial slide lock on it at one time. This would have been   unheard of for the help to have a lock on their own private door during the Victorian age. Rumors of Curtis Root being a womanizer May have sometimes to do with it. Previous owners’ children who slept in this room complained about the “ghost boy” who used to come out of that closet at night and wake them up and want to play. They described him as looking like the boy on the “Dutch boy” paint cans. They also said that the “crazy laughing lady” would come out of that room and chase them down the hall and tried to make them fall down the stairs. 



Enjoy a private outdoor retreat surrounded by nothing but woods and farmlands as far as the eye can see. Have a glass of wine or roast s’mores out by the large fire pit that’s made out of original stone slabs from the other buildings that once stood on the property. At night you’ll feel a different energy by the campfire. Large white mists have been seen and filmed encircling you and appear to be dancing and moving rapidly around you. Chanting, drumming and people speaking in a foreign language have been heard on EVPs in the old remains of the Blacksmiths shop. People have also witnessed black shadows that circle around you and are seen with the naked eye. The ghost of a young boy is seen and heard running through the fields too. Loud bangs and what sounds like someone striking the large trees backs there with huge branches have been heard on several occasions. 


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