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With Psychic Medium Heather Rease Mattison

and The Graestone Paranormal Team

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Join us for a paranormal investigation of Graestone Manor. We welcome all paranormal teams and will help guide groups through with our own ghost hunting equipment if needed too. Investigations include a brief history of the house and a tour of the house and grounds to show you where the paranormal hot spots are. 

6:00 pm - 11:00 pm
7:00 pm - 12:00 am

Additional Hours Added By Request!



Each additional guest over the original count of 10 is: $35.00 per person.

$ 300.00

6:00 pm - 11:00 pm

7:00 pm - 12:00 am

* If you are a Paranormal Team, at the time of booking, please indicate what group you are with!

$35.00 per person For each additional guest over the original count of 10.

$50.00 per hour For any additional hour added to tour. You would have your choice of room and would have a full breakfast in the morning. Checkout would then be 11 am that next day.

Paranormal Equipment is available for rental for $25.00. Must be 18 years old to rent.

Payments Accepted: Cash, PayPal, Venmo, Credit or Debit with Square.

* Any electronic payments, will be charged a service fee of $5.00.


If your overnight group exceeds 8 people, and all of the other Bed and Breakfast rooms are fully booked, we can accommodate those extra guests into other areas of the house, at an additional cost. We will provide all overnight guests with a full home cooked hot breakfast the next morning from 8:00 am- 10:00 am.

Selections change daily with a variety of choices to choose from!

6:00 pm
7:00 pm



(Curtis Root's Room)

$ 140.00

Check In - 3:00 pm

Check Out - 11:00 am

King size bed. 

The Green Room is the Curtis Root Room. In this room in March of 1889, Curtis Root died after sustaining an injury involving one of his prized racehorses, Playboy. He reportedly watches people as they sleep and they feel the presence of a strong male energy in the room. He also follows people through the house once they’ve slept in his former master bedroom, the Green Room. He is heard whistling a tune and talking and makes the temperature drop unexpectedly causing cold spots. He was also known as a ladies man back in his day and loves when women stay in his room. Some people also report being touched, and the smell of cigar smoke. 

red room1.jpg


(Flora L. Root's Room)

$ 140.00

Check In - 3:00 pm

Check Out - 11:00 am

Queen size bed. 

The Red Room was once the former upstairs parlor of the house when the original family, the Root family, lived here. Sightings of an older woman are frequently reported in this room. We believe she is the ghost of Flora L. Root, the youngest daughter of the original owner, Curtis Root. She ended up inheriting the home after both of her parents died and she never married and lived in the house for another 24 years after their deaths. She walks around the bed while you sleep and watches you sleep. People have reported seeing the silhouette of a woman in the windows and also standing at the side of the bed. They have also felt her sit on the edge of the bed. Reports of feeling sadness and a choking feeling, then scratches and red marks appear on your neck. They also hear a woman’s voice and this entity also mimics other people’s voices in that room that you can hear audibly.

gold room3.jpg

$ 140.00

Check In - 3:00 pm

Check Out - 11:00 am


(Mina & Dorsan Roszman's Room)

Queen size bed. 

The Gold Room is former owners Mina and Dorsan Roszmans master bedroom. They lived in the house from 1923- 1999. They were the second family to live in the home. Dorsan died at a young age in this room. He suffered from mesothelioma and succumbed to his illness in the Gold Room. There is also the sound of breathing and wheezing captured on paranormal equipment and heard audibly. The closet door opens on its own and is heard clicking open and being pushed across the carpet. People also report a woman’s spirit  and her image has been captured on film peeking out of the closet and in the mirrors. Loud bangs and knocking noises are also heard coming from the walls.


$ 140.00

Check In - 3:00 pm

Check Out - 11:00 am


(Ghost Child's Room)

Single size bunk bed. 

The Kids Room is located in the servant’s wing of the house. In a house like this in the Victorian age, they had the house separated from their help. They had several different Irish indentured servants during the 1860’s until the 1900’s that stayed in this room. You can see that it once had a substantial slide lock on it at one time. This would have been   unheard of for the help to have a lock on their own private door during the Victorian age. Rumors of Curtis Root being a womanizer May have sometimes to do with it. Previous owners’ children who slept in this room complained about the “ghost boy” who used to come out of that closet at night and wake them up and want to play. They described him as looking like the boy on the “Dutch boy” paint cans. They also said that the “crazy laughing lady” would come out of that room and chase them down the hall and tried to make them fall down the stairs.





per participant

Join the Seance circle and each participant will have a turn individually asking questions and communicating with their loved ones in this spiritually charged group setting led by Psychic Medium Heather Rease Mattison. You can schedule your Seance at any time you’d like during your Investigation.


15 minutes - $30.00

per person


These are individual 15 minute card readings done in private with Psychic Medium Heather Rease Mattison. You can schedule your own card readings for any time you’d like during your investigation here at Graestone. Future, love, work, calendar year and more can be divined during your session. 



$25.00 per person

2 hour tour

Minimum of 4 people per tour

Reserve a private historical tour of Graestone Manor. You will take in the beautiful craftsmanship and incredible design and detail of days gone by. Graestone is unique as an architectural example of woodworking and craftsmanship at its very finest. For over 150 years, this house remained untouched and in its original state, never to have been modernized or changed from its nearly original design concept. Marvel at this extraordinary architectural wonder and learn its rich history of the Root family who built it and the Roszmans who lived in the house afterwards. Learn about its horse racing past and racetrack, the Erie Canal ties, rumors of Underground Railroad activity, rumrunning,  and Native American burial grounds.

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