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We feature ghost hunts, paranomal expeditions, seances and tarot card readings for the spiritual enthusiast.  Open seven days a week, contact us by email for day-time and evening tour scheduling.

Our website is currently under construction to bring you the latest news and developments on the renovations and remodeling of this historically known Victorian horse-breeding estate that dates as far back as 1865 with the Root family business sewing their oats in the rural community of the old Renayles Basin which is located in the outskirts of Lockport, NY.

Come visit the large acreage farm and the wildlife in nature from local bats, owls, birds, and more creatures that roam the area.  We provide free Wireless Internet, Tea & Coffee for visitors and guests, and the occassional seance for group members in the know.  Please call ahead to schedule your viewing or overnight group stay as soon as possible, because all reservations are booking quickly and vacancy is limited!  Come meet the spirits of the Root Family and discover the otherside at Graestone Manor.


We have officially begun operations as Graestone Manor Bed & Breakfast, while also hosting Paranormal Investigations for overnight group stays.

Please subscribe and bookmark our website for upcoming events that we'll be announcing for the Summer and Fall seasons of 2019!

More Info About Our Ghost Tours:

Heather Rease-Mattison is an author, psychic medium, sensitive, channeler, & clairvoyant who can explore past lives, health conditions &  speak with the dearly departed.

Robert Mattison is a seasoned paranormal investigator and film director who has been documenting the depths of the beyond for over a decade of evidence.

Together they have remodeled and renovated 'Graestone' to it's original condition in the early 1900's: a beautiful Victorian manor where the spirits have taken up residency in the residual energy throughout the walls and surrounding property.

graestone manor gasport wny hearse in driveway