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By Heather Rease Mattison

This was my first book and it focuses on what my life was like when i first began my journey into my life as a psychic medium.I channeled my Spirit Guides  and they wrote this book through me. they discuss several topics including reincarnation, ghosts, astral; projection and death.

By Heather Rease Mattison

In my second book, I channel my Spirit Guides and ask questions on several different topics including a spirits purpose on Earth, spirit families, children being born on Earth and why they are sent to you, and many other topics. Hauntings,  Voo-Doo, witchcraft, Aliens, crop circles and exorcisms are questions that my guides stepped forward and answered. 

By Heather Rease Mattison

Have you ever wanted to live in a haunted house? Were you curious to see what that would be like? This is the true story of Robert Mattison and his wife, psychic medium Heather Rease Mattison. They thought they were buying the house of their dreams when they purchased their stately 1865 Victorian mansion. They planned on turning it into a bed and breakfast, returning the eerily preserved home back to its original splendor. As they began renovations, they began to quickly realize they were not alone in the house.

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