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Make sure to Check out Heather's new Episodes on Kindred Spirits!

Check out Heather's new episodes of Kindred Spirits!

Seen on the Travel Channel and Discovery +

S7 E2 "What Lies Below"

Premiered on January 27th, 2023

Amy and Adam investigate aggressive paranormal activity at a museum in the town of Palmyra, NY. Questions are asked if a recent fire triggered a family of spirits, or if the ghost of a barbaric doctor is behind the haunting. Heather is called in to use her special Psychic abilities to help solve their case!

S7 E3 "Beware the Occult"

Premiered on February 3rd, 2023

Amy and Adam undertake a case of biblical proportions when a distressed widow calls for help after an explosion of paranormal activity in her home; figuring out if spirits are attached to an old Bible, or if her late husband is to blame. Heather was asked to help a family try to psychically sense if a certain item was the cause behind the haunting activity in their home.…and why it was becoming stronger.

Check out the episodes on the Travel Channel or stream NOW on Discovery Plus.... Or do both!
If you watched them already, what did you think?

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