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Graestone Manor Paranormal Investigation Oct. 17th, 2020

You will have the opportunity to do a Paranormal investigation In this 1865 Victorian BnB, Graestone Manor. After a brief history, and tour of the house and grounds you will be able to investigate this historic property either on your own or with guides. With reports of shadow activity, full bodied apparitions, faces appearing in the windows, disembodied voices, and personal experiences including the smell of cigars and perfume and being touched, pushed and scratched, Guests have experienced many different things here at Graestone. Team members from Elemental Paranormal will be on hand to help with the investigation. Please feel to bring your own investigation equipment as well. Remember to wear weather appropriate clothing as part of the investigation will take place outside in the barn and blacksmith shop foundations as well as the Graveyard.

Don't miss out, we can't wait to see you there! Get your tickets today!

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