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Check out Paranormal Quest at Graestone Manor

The NIGHTMARE of Graestone: New York's Most HAUNTED Bed & Breakfast

Graestone Manor is said to be the most HAUNTED Bed & Breakfast in the state of New York. With a history so tragic, spanning back centuries, the land this house sits on is said to be filled with paranormal activity. Inside the house, the ghosts of former residents roam the halls along with many other much more terrifying things. What will happen when we spend the night inside this scary and haunted house? This is The Nightmare of Graestone! #demonic#demon#haunting#haunted#paranormal#ghost#ghoststories#scary#ghosthunting#paranormalactivity#terrifying#terrifyingtales 💥NEW MERCH💥 CLICK HERE ➡️ 👻 HELP US STAY ON THE ROAD FILMING NEW CONTENT! 👻 Patreon - PayPal - YouTube channel member - Amazon Wish List- Our OFFICIAL website: Follow us on Social Media: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: Ryan Zacherl Instagram: Dave Gear Instagram: MUSIC: Infraction and Cold Cinema: ( Myuu: ( Kevin MacLeod: ( SINIUS: (

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