With Psychic Medium Heather Rease Mattison

Graestone Manors' Heather Rease Mattison is a Psychic Medium, Reiki Practitioner and Author. She offers a number of different psychic services and has an office here at Graestone. You and your guests are invited to relax with a cup of tea or coffee in the main parlor of Graestone Manor while she conducts private sessions in her office, which is the former front parlor of this 1865 Victorian Mansion.  

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Included in your psychic reading will be your most recent past life, and an Oracle earth magic angel card reading. Your spirit guides will step forward and connect me to your spirit family and past loved ones. They will give me insight into your health, love life, work, and your upcoming calendar year. 

30 minutes - $ 50.00

45 minutes - $ 65.00

60 minutes - $ 85.00



A reading with your significant other and see what your future holds and what qualities you each bring to the relationship. 

30 minutes - $80.00

45 minutes - $100.00

60 minutes - $130.00


Reiki Master Heather Rease Mattison will conduct a Reiki Energy healing session for you that will balance your Chakras and realign them. As a gifted medical Empath she will pinpoint painful sore spots and help ease blocked energy flow in your body to help you heal. At the end of your Reiki healing she will cleanse your energy with a sound bath and sage smudging of your body.

30 minutes - $40.00

45 minutes - $55.00


While you sip your tea in preparation for your Tea Leaf Reading you will also receive an Oracle Card Reading. The combination of the card reading combined with the messages the Tea Leaves predict can give you a view into your future and see what lies in store for you. 

30 minutes - $ 50.00

45 minutes - $ 65.00

60 minutes - $ 85.00

Tea Leaf Reading

& Oracle Card Readings


Graestone Manor will host your psychic party for a group of up to 10 people. You'll have you own individual readings done. We will supply coffee, tea, and hot cocoa.

30 minutes - $ 50.00

45 minutes - $ 65.00

per person


up to 10 people


Graestone Manor will host your psychic party for a group of up to 16 people. You'll have you own individual readings done. We will supply coffee, tea, and hot cocoa.

15 minutes - $25.00

per person


In this 3 hour interactive class you will be taught how to use your pendulum for Spirit Communication, Chakra Healing and Divination.

*Your class fee includes a chakra crystal pendulum and a communique board.

3 Hour Class - $50.00


Learn how to decipher these cards for you and others for future, love, work, your upcoming calendar year and more.

*Your class fee includes your own personal deck of Oracle cards and reference booklet.

3 Hour Class - $50.00



Books written by Author Heather Rease (Mattison)

Available for sale at Graestone Manor and on

This was my first book and it focuses on what my life was like when i first began my journey into my life as a psychic medium.I channeled my Spirit Guides  and they wrote this book through me. they discuss several topics including reincarnation, ghosts, astral; projection and death.

Letters to Olivia

"If You Could Hear What I Hear"

In my second book, I channel my Spirit Guides and ask questions on several different topics including a spirits purpose on Earth, spirit families, children being born on Earth and why they are sent to you, and many other topics. Hauntings,  Voo-Doo, witchcraft, Aliens, crop circles and exorcisms are questions that my guides stepped forward and answered. 

Letters to Olivia

"Past, Present and future Days"

A look in side Graestone Manor, the history and hauntings of the past owner spirits that still walk the halls and grounds of the estate.

History of

Graestone Manor

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