The Red Room

The Red Room was once the former upstairs parlor of the house when the original family, the Root family, had lived here. Sightings of an older woman are frequently reported in this room. We believe she is the ghost of Flora L. Root, who was the youngest daughter of the original owner, Curtis Root. She ended up inheriting the home after both of her parents died and she never married and lived in the house for another 24 years after their deaths. She walks around the bed while you are sleeping and watches you sleep. People have reported seeing the silhouette of a woman in the windows and also standing at the side of the bed. They have also felt her sit on the edge of the bed. Reports of feeling sadness and a choking feeling, then scratches and red marks appear on your neck. They also hear a woman’s voice and this entity also mimics other people’s voices in that room that you can hear audibly.