EVP Audio Recordings (Electronic Voice Phenomena)

Paranormal Photography Evidence (Orbs, Mist, Shadows)

Legends and rumors of hauntings have surrounded this home for decades. While the house was empty, strange lights and sounds were seen and heard coming from the house. Previous occupants have experienced everything from disembodied voices, full bodied apparitions to physical contact by unseen entities. Many of their reports validate the experiences we’ve had since moving in to Graestone. We too have seen shadow people in the back stairwell, kitchen pantry and back rooms of the house. We have also heard a man whistling a tune in the basement area. There aren’t any neighbors so we couldn’t explain what we were hearing. A man has been seen walking outside of the house in the driveway and then over to the old barn area. Knocking sounds and a ringing doorbell have been heard in the library, we do not have a doorbell with a chime that sounds like that, and we couldn’t explain it. Items go missing and then mysteriously reappear in other areas.
    The previous owner also agrees that there is a portal on the property that exists in the house behind the basement stairs. They would sense different entities that would change the energy in the house on occasion. There is also a small cemetery that exists in the back corner of the yard near the old blacksmiths shop. It’s believed that the graves are those of the racehorses and other pets that once lived on the property. There are graves of former occupants as well. They believed the ghosts to be of the original owner Curtis Root whom was seen on several occasions. The ghost of a farmhand who identified himself as John would walk out of the closet in the dining room and talk to the children in the house. Also seen was the ghost of a young servant woman. They say she looks insane and would smile maniacally at the children in the house and would follow them around. I’ve also seen the ghost of Curtis Root’s wife Melissa on several occasions. She appears to be friendly but very protective of the house. People report feeling watched or followed when they are here. It seems to be that these spirits are more inquisitive than violent and just want to know who’s come to visit them. The previous owners experienced much darker interactions with these ghostly beings.