graestone manor - after green ouija room

The Green Room is the Curtis Root Room. In this room in March of 1889, Curtis Root died after sustaining an injury involving one of his prized racehorses, Playboy. He was crushed by the horse when it was startled by a passing train and it reared up and landed on Mr Root. At first Curtis thought his injuries weren’t that serious but he had internal bleeding and after a few weeks of bed rest trying to recuperate, he succumbed to his injuries. He is seen in the windows of this room and is also heard walking around. He reportedly watches people as they sleep and they feel the presence of a strong male energy in the room. He also follows people through the house once they’ve slept in his former master bedroom, the Green Room. He is heard whistling a tune and talking and makes the temperature drop unexpectedly causing cold spots. He was also known as a ladies man back in his day and loves when women stay in his room. Some people also report being touched, and the smell of cigar smoke.