Three (3) Rooms Available starting at $150.00 - Double Occupancy For ALL 3 Rooms

Room #1 - "Green Room" King Size Bed $150.00 per evening from 3PM until 11AM (The Curtis Root Room - Master Bedroom of Graestone Manor.  Gaze out the floor-to-ceiling antique bay windows which overlook the original carriage step and hitching posts that date back to the original owners of the home, the Root Family. Step back in time as you spend the night in an authentic 19th century bedroom, complete with your own marble sink that dates back to the original owners, the Root Family, in 1865.)

Room #2 - "Red Room" Queen Size Bed $125.00 per evening from 3PM until 11AM (Enjoy your stay in Victorian charm, by spending the night in the once-upstairs parlor, complete with original ceiling medallions and hand-crafted mahogany woodwork with breathtaking views of the sunset and farmlands as far as the eye can see.)

Room #3 - "Gold Room" Queen Size Bed $125.00 per evening from 3PM until 11AM (The previous owner Mina and Dorsan Roszman's room.  Enjoy the warmth and grandeur of the 19th century in a queen sized canopy bed that's fit for a King and Queen. Authentic details such as the original marble sink from 1865, which still functions,  and evokes memories of a quieter age of luxury.)

All guests receive free continental breakfast: Wake up to the smell of fresh coffee brewing, and a complete continental breakfast which includes bagels, danishes, muffins, yogurt, cereal bars, granola, toast, eggs, fresh fruits, and a variety of juices, teas, and hot cocoas.  Service begins promptly at 9:00AM

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